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rogerusx asked: Hey. Just curious. Do you know any JAV stars that smoke in their videos?

I don’t remember any recent JAV stars who smokes in their videos.

However, I want to say that there are a few 90’s JAV star (i.e. Ai Ijima or Akira Fubuki era) that did smoke in their JAV’s or softcore porn. I can’t recall any specific names though :/

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Apologizing for the lack of update today

To all of my pervy viewers,

I want to apologize for the lack of movie updates today. A video script crashed last night, and I didn’t catch the crash until this afternoon. As a result, no videos were send to userporn, so I am unable to upload new videos to userporn today.

No worries, the script is back up and running, so movie updates will resume tomorrow as normal!

Thank you for your patience!


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Making requests on EcchiAV

If you have been with EcchiAV since the beginning (a whole 1 month ago), you must have noticed that EcchiAV has undergone many transformation. The layouts changed, the site went from paid-only to free for all. Not to mention, the amount of visitors have tripled since inception.

And i plan on making EcchiAV even better! My goal has always been making EcchiAV the best JAV streaming site on the internet, so I am constantly brainstorming up ideas on how to improve EcchiAV.

Like how all good ideas come about, I way lying in bed around 5am, and this idea came to me. What if EcchiAV had a request section where our visitors can ask for movies of their favorite JAV idols? It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I thought to myself. This is a bloody, brilliant idea.

So there you go. Within the next week or so, you should see a request section spring about in EcchiAV. You will be able make requests for your favorite JAV idol (e.g. Momoka Ninishna). How’s that for an idea?

So stay tuned guys! In the mean time, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions :)


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Saori Hara Retires from the JAV Business

Yes, I know I am late to the party. But I recently heard Saori Hara has decided to quit the japanese porn business. Actually, I think she HAS quit the business at the time of this blog post.

I remember first seeing her debut with SOD as a shy, college girl who had no clue about how to get a guy off with her hands, mouth, or her Budddha given “goods.” However, she has improved her sex skills and techniques since the. She came jerk off 10 guys with her eyes closed while posing in some weird yoga position. Dont’ believe me? Just watch one her more recent videos.

Case in point: Check her perverted molester lady video out. She was screwing guys left and right like a semen thirsty pro — on the bus, on the subway, in the train, in the bathroom, and at work. I have this video uploaded on if you want to check it out.

Can’t fault her for deciding to quit the business though. One, her figure has gotten out of whack throughout the years. Her cute baby fat became … well fat. Also, it seems like her career outside of the JAV business has taken off. If I recall correctly, she went to hong kong and starred in a 3D softcore porn.

Don’t ask me. That sounds as crazy/weird to you as it does to me.

Nevertheless, I wish her the best of luck on her upcoming endeavors. So here’s to you Saori Hara. We will “waste” one last box of tissue papers to honor you.


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Minako Komukai - DV-1313 Trailer!!

You know that I have been talking about Minako Komukai non-stop for the past few weeks If you have been following my blog. Yeah, all 2 of you JAV perverts :o

If you are late to the party, Minako Koumkai WAS one of the most popular gravure/bikini idols in Japan during the 90’s. However, due to old age and hanging out with the wrong crowd, her career dropped like the Dow Jones index. Let’s just say, she liked cocaine a little too much.

To add to her misfortune, she had to flee to the Phillipines to avoid an arrest warrant from the Tokyo Police. Either way, her misfortune is good news for you ecchi perverts. To make ends meet and keep her pimp uhh boyfriend fed, She’s joining the world of japanese adult entertainment and becoming an AV idol.

With all of that said, I have found a HQ trailer to Minako’s new JAV porn movie (DV-1313 so you can look it up at Alice Japan). After checking out the JAV movie myself, I have to say that I am really excited about this release. And I will make sure this movie is made available on EcchiAV once it is released.

Without further adieu, here the link to her movie trailer:

A little brief information for her upcoming release to keep you guys satisfied:

Release Date:2011/10/14
Movie Length:120分
AV Idol:Minako Komukao
Studio:Alice Japan

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All new japanese porn movies on EcchiAV are now downloadable!

You’ve heard it right. After working my butt off and drinking a ridiculous amount of redbull’s, I am able to provide direct, downloadable links to all of the newly shared porn movies on EcchiAV

Adding to the good news. The movie files are encoded in high quality forma — the quality of the movie is ~3X better than the streaming version (640p vs 240p).

A porn movie will typically be separated into 6 downloadable parts, and each part will be ~15-20 minutes long. This will give you the ability to choose and download the section of the movie that “gets you off” the most :naughty:

There is one caveat. You will have to fill out a short survey (shouldn’t take more than ~30-60 seconds) to gain access to the download links. A completed survey will pay a few cents, which goes towards the bandwidth costs. So by filling out a short survey, you are helping with keeping EcchiAV alive!

I hope these downloadable links will make improve your user experience on EcchiAV. Feel free to write me and give me feedback. I will be happy to hear your thoughts!


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EcchiAV will be down for a few days

Hi my loyal visitors .. all 2 of you,

EcchiAV will not be updated with new movies for the next couple days. I am currently working on a new backend that will provide 100% free streaming to most of our video library. In addition, I will also provide direct download links to the movies, so you guys can save it onto your desktop.

All of the above features will be FREE. Yes, you’ve read it right. EcchiAV will provide 100% complete and free content when we re-launch. In the mean time, please stay tuned. We want to thank you for your patience!

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Japanese porn studio execs given 10 months sentence for mosaics that are too thin


Japan, land of the censored porn, strike down on a pair of Japanese porn studio executives for producing japanese AV movies with thin censors. This legal issues stemmed from a 2006 video where the color and shape the genitals were made recognizable despite the mosaic censor. Yeah, you read it right.

Guess the length of the sentence that was handed down  — 10 months. 10 freaking months.

10 months for producing thinly censored JAV porn? That’s just wrong. In fact, Japan should award medals to these guys for making a positive to horny men … uhh … society.

Anyways, I hope this won’t create a adverse reaction with the JAV industry and cause a return to the retro, gigantic mosaic blocks that were seen in 80’s and 90’s JAV porn. Here’s my fingers crossed.


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